It's the moments of the heart that are the most satisfying in life!

Maggie Campbell grew up on a picturesque strawberry farm in Washington State. Her childhood was full of family, love, and laughter. But tragically, at the age of twelve, that all ended with the accidental drowning of her beloved mother in the family lake behind the farmhouse.
Moving past that day proved impossible for Maggie. There was only one thing to do. On her eighteenth birthday, she packed up everything she owned and drove away leaving her family and the painful memories behind.
Now, seven years later, at the request of her older sister, she's returned to the farm for her grandmother's ninetieth birthday party.
Everything is just a she remembered except for the handsome new neighbor, Desmond Kinsley. She seems to be the only one not taken in in by his charms and finds him a little too cozy with her grandmother for her liking.
When tragedy once again strikes her family and Desmond is the only one who can help, Maggie has no choice but to put her trust in him. But can she really trust anyone? Will she let her guard down and finally move past the pain,to find a way to feel again, and is this man the key?
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 With her grandmother improving from a stroke, and a new man in her life, Maggie’s life finally seems to be going in the right direction.
That is, until an old suitor shows up forcing Maggie to face her own insecurities. She soon finds herself with a choice to make. Stay and fight for a man she's known for only a few months, or do what she's always
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