What's on my mind today.....

I was cleaning out my closet tonight and found a box of letters. They were from my grandfather. I remember, as a girl, watching him sit at the kitchen table after dinner most every night, writing a letter to someone. He wrote such beautiful letters. The penmanship was perfect. His descriptions of everyday occurrences seemed magical. Those letters are something I treasure to this day.

 I can’t tell you the last time I wrote a letter. I spend my days, like most of us, typing emails or chatting on Facebook and twitter. How did I get this way? When did we collectively decide that a hand-written anything took too much time? Is it really the same expressing the joy over the birth of a baby with an electronic happy face?

Putting the letters back in their box and nestling them on the top of my closet, I decided I’m going to write a letter a week. To my friends, to my family, or even to the diner down the street who stopped making my favorite pie. I encourage you to do the same. Show someone you care enough and take the time to write. Who knows, maybe we will start a trend. My guess is the person who receives that letter; while they may no longer recognize the medium it was sent on, will feel they matter. And after all, isn’t that the point. Now, where did I put those stamps?


Ever had one of those days where you just start off behind. You wake up an hour late for work, or an important event, and try as you might, things just don’t get better.

  You spring out of bed and race into the bathroom with hopes of getting back on track, only to have your hairbrush fall into the toilet. Convincing yourself that tangled locks matted from menopausal night sweats is a good look for you, you move on to the toothpaste which seems to be hermetically sealed in the tube.

  Squeezing with all your might, it finally propels out with the force of a speeding bullet decorating your mirror. As you smear it from the mirror to your waiting toothbrush, and start brushing, it doesn’t take but a moment for you to realize… it is not toothpaste at all… but hemorrhoid cream. This is the when it dawns on you, It's going to be one of those days.

  As you frantically rinse your mouth out and wonder if you have swallowed enough to call the poison control center, you have a choice to make. You can let the rest of the day’s events get to you, (Oh yes, there is more coming, there is ALWAYS more coming!) or you can try and see the humor in it all.

  Humor is your only defense in times like these and will keep you from becoming a highlight on the six o’clock news. Keep things in perspective. Know that this is just today ( OK, maybe it’s been the whole week) but it will pass. Have faith!

  So here’s to you my friends, to keeping our humor intact and not taking life to seriously…Even when our mouths smell like our backside!


Yesterday, I stopped by a rather large garage sale down the street from my house. After searching through the neatly arranged rows, I purchased a quilt and a large box of dusty, old board games.

When I got home, I tossed the quilt in the washer and sat at the kitchen table looking through the games. I was happy to see one of my favorites, Yahtzee, and equally as pleased to find everything was there including the cards to keep score. As I tore off the used cards, I noticed only two players names were used over and over, Sara and Billy. As I put the game back in the box, I was curious who Sara and Billy were.

I imagined they were the children of the family who previously owned the game. That they had spent many hours playing, trying to out due one another to be Yahtzee champ. I wondered what had happened to them since those glorious games. Had Sara married and started a family, or perhaps gone to college. Had Billy opened his own business or joined the military? Did they both move so far away from home they visit just twice a year and never played the game again?

As I tossed the used cards in the recycling bin, I felt as though I was throwing away the last of their childhood and I quickly took them out, tucking them back in the box.

Tonight we have plans to play the Yahtzee game after dinner. As I set everything up and pass out the cards, the name I will pencil at the top of mine will be Sara, and with a little persuasion (which will have to include rocky-road ice-cream) my beautiful daughter, will be Billy. As we start the game it will be as if the two of them will once again be sitting side-by-side enjoying the carefree days of childhood. And when the game is over, and a winner declared, Sara will not gloat or taunt her brother, but graciously accept his defeat as they head off to the kitchen for the cold treat. As she looks over at the pouty face of Billy, shoving a rather large spoonful of ice-cream in her mouth, Sara will be happy knowing that their childhood has not ended and there are many more games to come…that is as long as the Rocky-road doesn’t run out!


Everyone of us have days of frustration and uncertainty. Those times when even the most positive of thoughts seem to pale in comparison. And it is in those times that the depth of our desires are tested.
 But it's those who acknowledge those feelings and pursue their dreams anyway that succeed.That find the best things in life are not those things handed to us but earned.